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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Oakton ES, under the direction of FCPS, has introduced an exciting new initiative enabling students to bring in their personally owned computing and network devices to school -- including laptops, Netbooks, and tablets. Oakton ES does NOT permit students to use cell phones and smart phones during the school day. They must be off and out of sight during the school day. Participation in this initiative is strictly optional.

Procedure for Device Registration

1. Students should FIRST check with their teachers if they are interested in bringing in their own devices, as each teacher will be able to advise them about when and for what they might need to use personal devices in class. A teacher can elect to not allow personal devices in his or her classroom or can limit their use to specific times or activities.

2. Once the personal device is in the building, students will be able to access the FCPS wireless network. They will need to join the network by logging in with his or her FCPS network username and password. (These are identical the username and password a student uses to login to a school laptop.)

3. A student's device will automatically be registered when he or she logs in to the FCPS network and FCPS will automatically have a record of the device.

Students Should

  1. Read and accept the acceptable use policy for student network access within the SR&R document.
  2. Charge their device overnight before bringing it to school.
  3. When at school use FCPS WiFi only.
  4. Keep your device with you. Don't lend it to anyone.
  5. Get your teachers' permission before using your personal device.
  6. Know which apps will work for which purposes. 
  7. Get parent approval before installing new apps. Schools will not require specific apps.
  8. Use for class-related purposes ONLY. No social media, etc.
  9. Respect no-use areas (bathrooms, cafeteria, recess etc.)
  10. Troubleshoot your own device-ask your parent for help, not your teacher.
  11. Remember this a PRIVILEGE that can be removed at any time.


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