Enrichment Activities for the Whole Family


Are you looking for enrichment activities that the whole family can participate in?  Well, you are in luck because starting in November, we will roll out our first monthly family enrichment activity page.  November’s theme is ART related; we are calling it ARTvember.   In the activities, the whole family can use their creativity and critical thinking skills to draw a picture that incorporates opposites like day and night together.  Or perhaps you would like to use your creativity and wit to create a person based on an animal. What would a chamelaboy  or chamelagirl look like.

What happens when I finish one of my masterpieces?  You can share them on our Oakton ES Twitter page (@Oakton_ES) or email them to Mr. Gray at @email and he will upload them on behalf of your family.  There are some additional details that are needed on the ARTvember activities attachment.  

So what are you waiting for?  Get your best colored pencils, pens, watercolors, etc and let the creativity flow.

Activity Page